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Plastic Lumber Sizes

These are our off-the-shelf sizes. If you require a custom profile or color, please don't hesitate to contact us.

MAXiTUF Plastic Lumber comes in three standard colors, Gray, Black and Brown. MAXiTUF also comes in varying lengths and dimensions.

If you would like to get a price quote on any of our material please feel free to call (800-266-5097) or write us an email. When you do request a quote please be sure to include the plastic lumber profile size, length, quantity, and destination zip code so that we can also get you a freight quote.

Premium vs Standard MAXiTUF Plastic Lumber

MAXiTUF Plastic Lumber comes in two different sizes in the 2 inch range. As with wood lumber you have "Nominal" and "Rough Cut", MAXiTUF has the same distinctions using the terms "Standard" and "Premium". Our Standard size is comparable to "Nominal" and our Premium is what would be considered "Rough Cut". Premium MAXiTUF is designed for longer spans due to increased thickness compared to its counter part, Standard MAXiTUF.

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