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Artificial Turf Nailer Boards and Synthetic Turf Anchors

Artificial Turf Plastic Lumber Nailer Boards

Artificial Turf installers now have a new ally, MAXiTUF Plastic Lumber nailer Boards! MAXiTUF is the ideal product for those in-ground installations since it will not soak up any moisture and WILL NOT ROT.

Why use wooden or composite nailer boards in your artificial turf installations? Those organic fibers will be the first thing to go! You are already using concrete and polymer based products, don’t weaken your supply chain with a product that just won’t do the job. Install MAXiTUF Nailer Boards for that long lasting quality you have come to expect from us!

Polypropylene, Nylon, and HDPE have very similar thermal expansion coefficients so using plastic lumber in your artificial turf installation will reduce overall stress and tension on the turf itself, making MAXiTUF the ideal candidate.

You can feel safe knowing that our 50 year warranty is here to back you and your installation. Our plastic lumber nailer boards have been used in more than 100 Professional and Educational field turf installations nationwide.